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Introducing x360 Share

This might come as a surprise to those who know me but I’ve finally completed one of my pet projects: X360 Share! X360 Share will automatically post a message to your Facebook wall and/or Twitter feed when you unlock an achievement on your Xbox 360.

X360 Share works by creating a link between your Facebook, Twitter, and Xbox Gamertag. I’ve implemented single sign on for Facebook and Twitter so creating an account is very quick and painless; simply sign in with your Facebook/Twitter account, enter your Gamertag and you’re done!

Services like this exist however I’ve always ended up turning off updates due to the high frequency of messages posted to my streams when unlocking multiple achievements in a short period of time. With X360 Share I’ve solved this problem by allowing the user to combine multiple unlocks into one message and furthermore allowing the user to choose the interval they would like their account to be checked for updates.

The user is also free to customize the messages that are sent to their streams. X360 Share provides a handful of tokens that can be used to create dynamic messages, some examples are: achievement name, point value, game name, and Gamertag.

Achievement Unlock Message Syntax

Give it a shot and feel free to leave feedback or suggestions.