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x360 Share - New Profile Feature

A month and a half after launch, X360 Share has crossed over the 100 active user mark! What better way to celebrate than with a new feature? I’m happy to release the X360 profile feature; This allows you to add a flag to your status updates which will includes a URL pointing to an X360 Share profile where you can find your latest achievements.

For example:

Facebook users will start to see this change immediately (the link in the wall postings will now point to your profile instead of the main X360 Share site). Twitter users will need to add the %u flag to their update strings, for example: Unlocked “%a” worth %p points in “%g” - %u #X360Share. I’ve implemented a URL shortener so the URL in the tweet will be as short as possible.

Next I have a few bugs to squash, as always let me know if there’s a feature you’d like to see or if something isn’t working quite right.