Introducing Arachni Crusher

My old roommate and I have always been interested in game development and have always wanted to create our own game. We’ve played with a few different platforms in the past however nothing has either come of it or been successful. After finishing our latest project we’ve decided to take a shot at the mobile scene and develop a game for Android devices.

We’ve bounced a few game ideas around and have decided to go forward with a simple tap game called Arachni Crushers. The game objective is to crush spiders that run across the screen by taping on them. We’re planning to have 10 levels that increase in difficulty and ending with a boss spider. Difficulty will be determined by the number of spiders on the screen at one time, speed of the spider, and spider type (poisonous for example). Arachni Crushers will have two game modes: Endurance (crush spiders forever to achieve an all time high score) and Time based (crush x amount of spiders within a timeframe).

I’ve never written anything for Android but I’ve done a fair amount of Java in the past and Android has been on my radar for quite some time. After spending 2 months I’ve managed to churn out a very early alpha build of the game that consists of the basic game mechanics:

Arachni Crusher early alpha Arachni Crusher image research

I have a goal to complete most of the code by the end of the year so I can focus on testing the game against a wide array of hardware while my roommate completes the art.