Marine Room, La Jolla, California

May 24, 2020

Dive Number 113
Dive Buddy Jamie Peterson
Bottom Time 13 min
Max Depth 15 feet
Average Depth N/A
Water Salt - 63°
Day/Night Day feet
Hood None
Gloves None
Wetsuit 7mm
Weight 24 lbs

"1st" dive of the day.

We've been in San Diego for Jamie's work contract for four months now with only one week remaining.

Covid-19 changed our plans for the last two months considerably. This is the first time we've really had the chance to dive.

We rented some tanks and weights from House of Scuba and hit the dive site early in the morning.

There was a lot of surface swimming as we went out to the first buey.

Dropped down and saw... a sandy bottom...